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Ma première déception entrepreneuriale

Je voulais créer mon propre Twitter avant même que le net existe Je me souviens encore du jour où j'ai eu cette idée. C'était à la fin d'un projet universitaire sur le démarrage d'une entreprise, et j'avais décidé de lancer un mini-fil de nouvelles sur un napperon de restaurant. C'était l'ancêtre de Twitter, mais à l'époque, internet n'existait pas encore.


Why Entrepreneurship is so hard?

Being an entrepreneur is hard! If you're an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur, you've probably heard of "Entrepreneurship is Hard, Deal With It!" by François Lambert. An honest perspective This book offers a unique and honest perspective on entrepreneurship, addressing common challenges and providing practical advice to overcome them. In this book, François Lambert shares his experience as an entrepreneur, offering a realistic perspective on entrepreneurship and the challenges that entrepreneurs can face. Themes such as the importance of passion, networking, and planning are all key elements to succeed as an entrepreneur. Honest and realistic perspective Compared to other popular books on entrepreneurship, "Entrepreneurship is Hard, Deal With It!" stands out by offering an honest and realistic perspective on entrepreneurship...


Beware of companies that want your good

Always be wary of companies that want our good! Over the past few months, Apple wanted our good, wanted to protect us by changing the way our browsing histories are shared.s. « Finally a company that takes care of us! I exclaimed, having my iPhone in one hand, AppleTV on my iPad while writing on my Mac.. Thisdoing so, they halted net dry freight there revenue from SnapChat, Facebook, and Google. Yeah. Down with the wealth of GAFAM! There was a little hiccup that we misread in the fine print; it was that the income of these giants came from small businesses (often online) that promoted their products. Small entrepreneurs are the most affected by this measure, because it is...