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Building instead of tearing down

When we follow the current political contest, we have the impression that it is a boxing fight where we must bring down the others.

Eric Duhaime says he wants to"get rid"of those who have trampled on the rights and freedoms of the people, Dominique Anglade says he wants to"throw down the gloves"(which means wanting to fight with his bare hands) in reference to his political opponents.

If we adopted such an attitude in business, it could never work. If the competition dominates the market, there are reasons. Competitors have strengths, advantages that customers appreciate. What to do ? Learn from and be inspired by competitors. Find out what people love, why these competitors are so successful, and what we can do to improve and be as successful as them.

If the CAQ dominates in the polls, there are surely things it does well. It is as if you were telling the voters, YOUR voters, that they are fools to vote for the party in power. It certainly contributes to citizens' cynicism towards politics. The parties spit on each other instead of showcasing their ideas, their achievements, their big projects. It is pathetic.

When a competitor is strong, you learn from him, you are inspired by him and you try to do better. Imagine someone going into business telling everyone he's going to crush the competition and he's going to be the best….not sure you'd buy from him.

Find your differentiating element, what sets you apart, instead of wandering in the heap.

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