Collection: Unique Artisanal Condiments - From Black Garlic to Pesto

Fermented Black Garlic: A Culinary Revelation

Discover black garlic, our fermented culinary treasure. Its unique flavor, both smooth and complex, sweet and savory, will transform any dish into an exceptional taste experience.

Maple Gourmet Selection

Let yourself be seduced by the natural sweetness of our maple products. Perfect for sweetening your savory dishes or enriching your desserts, each condiment is a tribute to the richness of maple.

Artisanal Mustards for Palais Aventuriers

Our mustards, prepared by hand, offer bold and innovative tastes. They are ideal for enhancing your meats, sandwiches and salad dressings.

Cold Pressed Oils - Purity and Taste

Discover the freshness and purity of our cold pressed oils. Rich in flavor and nutrients, they are perfect for dressing your salads or for cooking.

Authentic Pesto and Flavored Salts

Our pesto, rich in fresh flavors, and our meticulously prepared flavored salts are must-haves for any cook. They bring a refined touch to all your dishes.