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frequently asked Questions
Can you replace honey with maple syrup in all recipes? Yes, in most recipes honey can be replaced with maple syrup. Use our conversion chart to adjust quantities precisely.
What is the equivalence between honey and maple syrup for baking? In baking, you can usually substitute 1 cup of honey for 3/4 cup of maple syrup.
How to convert sugar into maple syrup? To substitute maple syrup for sugar, use about 1.3 times the amount of sugar in maple syrup and adjust other liquids in the recipe.
What are the benefits of replacing honey with maple syrup? Maple syrup provides a more subtle and often fruitier flavor, which may be preferable for certain dessert and sweet dish recipes.
What is the conversion of maple syrup to honey for recipes that call for a specific texture? To convert maple syrup to honey, use a ratio of 1:1.25, or 1 part maple syrup to 1.25 parts honey, to maintain a close consistency in your recipes.
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