Collection: The Marshmallow

Immerse yourself in the sweet universe of Guimauverie François Lambert, a paradise for gourmands.

Artisan Marshmallows: A Delight in Every Bite

Each product we offer is an ode to sweetness and delight, designed with love and passion. Our artisan, fluffy and deliciously flavored marshmallows are made from the highest quality ingredients, ensuring an unforgettable taste experience with every bite.

Quality at the Heart of Our Delicacies

Whether you're looking to satisfy a sweet craving or give a unique gift, our sweet creations are the perfect choice. They bring a note of sweetness to your moments of relaxation and delight your taste buds with their delicate flavors.

Give the Gift of Sweetness

Enter the enchanted world of Guimauverie François Lambert and let yourself be carried away by the irresistible sweetness of our sweet delights.