Maintenant en lecture: Me, François Lambert, 55 years old, serial impostor.
Moi, François Lambert, 55 ans, imposteur en série. 

Me, François Lambert, 55 years old, serial impostor.

With every project I take on, I get called an impostor.

I grew up on a farm and took over the family land in 2009 to farm and raise animals, but I'm not a REAL farmer.

I started selling syrup from my sugar bush online in 2018, but I'm not a REAL maple syrup producer.

I am a member of the Union des artistes, but I am not an artist.

I started a soap factory last year, but I'm not a REAL soap maker.

I'm putting out a cookbook, but I'm not a chef.

When I wanted to live from high culture WITHOUT subsidies, I quickly realized that I had to do things differently, find different ways to make my land profitable.

Today, we buy more than 200 barrels of maple syrup a year from the Fédération des acériculteurs du Québec to transform it into fabulous products that you love. I chose to do things my way, without begging, and reinvesting the income of the company as I went. No business plan, no loan, no grant and no distributor. I listen to you, I offer you products that you like, and I talk with you, I tell you my story, every day.

I love to cook. My mother taught me very early on how to make delicious dishes with what we have on hand. I like to have Saturday meals on Tuesdays and highlight local products. For those who don't know, I first made a name for myself on the show Un souper almost parfait, then came Dans l'œil du dragon.on.

It's true that I didn't fit in the mould, and that's good, I like to disturb and change things in my own way. Quietly, I am recognized as a farmer, a maple syrup producer, as a media player, as a soap maker, and, without claiming to be a chef, I am proud to be able to inspire people to simply cook delicious meals with local products.. 

This book was made without a publisher, without a grant, in a short time, and with devoted collaborators. And believe me, this is just the beginning.

I will continue to think out of the box, off the beaten path and bother jealous people around the world.

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Un entrepreneur Québecois avec un parcours impressionnant. Avec tout vos projets personnels et professionnels, vous en avez dû avoir des problèmes et quelques échecs non désirés. Qu’est-ce qui vous à aider à rester résilient, à ne pas baisser les bras et à continuer malgré les obstacles de la vie en général?

Félicitations pour votre podcast d’Actualité Je l’écoute souvent.

Un de vos fans

Luc Beaulieu

Luc Beaulieu

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