The art of reinventing oneself:the primary nature of the entrepreneur

Knowing how to reinvent oneself is the daily life of the entrepreneur, not just an issue linked to the pandemic. Anything that stalls is likely to rust sooner or later.r.

Being an entrepreneur means constantly seeking to find new clients and to offer more to current clients; it is to seek to develop markets, to open more points of sale, to create innovative products.s.

It is the entrepreneur's characteristic to reinvent himself, otherwise he will be overtaken by his competitor and will simply lose market share.t.

Yes, maybe you had to work harder because of the pandemic, but if it wasn't already in your nature to question yourself and always seek to do more, to do better, to create new opportunities for your business, then you may not be an entrepreneur, but rather an inventor or a manager.e.

Reinventing yourself, trying to predict what the market will be like in 18 to 24 months, what people will want to buy, is entrepreneurial history in its simplest form.n.

This is what it means to be an entrepreneur. This is the reason we go for it in the first place. It is often because we are frustrated with a problem or something that is not working to our liking, a product that is not perfect, and we want to find a solution. We want to do differently from others, do better, do more, change the world and make money.rgent.

And when we find the winning recipe, we must already think of the next recipe, then the next, and so on. It is possible that we crash on occasion, the largest companies have launched products that have made potato. Whether you think of New Coke from Coca Cola or Purple and Green Ketchup from Heinz, these companies have realized that it's their classic products that appeal to their customers. This does not prevent them from offering variations and innovating other types of products while maintaining their classics.siques.

It's impossible to release a product or a service and think it will have the same success in 25 years without changing it. You will always have to reinvent yourself. Not just adapting, adapting means being subjected to the waves of the market, so you have to foresee what is to come and test the water temperature.e l’eau.

Since opening my online store almost two years ago, I first gave people what they wanted: maple syrup stripes and maple butter. Then, I offered them slightly less known by-products such as sugar loaf, fine maple sugar and, of course, my famous maple cotton candy. It might not have worked, but it was a success. Not just because the products are exceptional, because I knew how to tell a story to people.aux gens.

Because there is obviously also a large part of marketing in the success of a product. The product itself must be attractive and of high quality, yes, but the story that we tell to present it matters a lot too. And since people love novelty, I make a point of constantly developing new products. After the cotton candy, it was the mini maple meringues, then the maple popcorn, then the Sriracha spice popcorn, and soon we'll be offering five kinds of popcorn to our customers, and that's just the beginning.début.

So reinvent yourself This is

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