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Toujours une surprise!

Always a surprise!

Opening the door to your business in the morning is always a surprise.
Sometimes the surprises are good, sometimes we would close the door to go back to bed.
Being an entrepreneur means playing chef without your kitchen. A good chef must always come up with the best recipe with the ingredients he has on hand. Not necessarily the ingredients he would have liked to have, but those that are available.
An entrepreneur would like to be surrounded by the best team and have surplus employees to deal with any eventuality. But there would be a price to pay and, in the end, the customer would have to foot the bill.
Nope! An entrepreneur is a chef, he opens the door of his business, walks around, says to himself: $%V^#@, has a little moment of anxiety, rolls up his sleeves and cooks the best recipe so that the customer is satisfied.
Every day a new recipe must be developed. The best entrepreneurs are those who know how to adapt to the elements like the chef who would be caught with a sausage and mustard and who would come up with the recipe of the century without anyone realizing that ingredients were missing.
This is the entrepreneurial reality and it is important to convey this mentality throughout the company. That's what I strive to do
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