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Être paranoïaque

be paranoid

It doesn't just take qualities to succeed in business, it also takes flaws. And being paranoid is one of them.

Are the customers happy, is the quality of the products perfect, are there new competitors? We don't plan around them, but we have to know that they exist.

The principle of constantly repeating yourself, you're good, you're beautiful, you're capable, it's good for fairy tales. Entrepreneurship is asking ourselves every day what we can do better, because there are others who want our place. A"small"competitor can quickly become big, we all started small after all.

We must constantly find strategies to retain our existing customers and seek out new ones. And for me, the right price strategy always wins; if the product is too expensive, the customer will realize it. If it's not enough, you'll eat your stockings.

Even though the company is doing well, I still have fear in my stomach, like when I was at Big Brother and I was afraid of being kicked out of the house. I constantly feel in danger and that's what drives me to think outside the box and come up with new ideas to keep our valued customers and get new ones every day.

Fear, paranoia, insecurity, it must help us move forward and break down walls.

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