Maintenant en lecture: The generation:how much do you pay?
La génération: combien tu paies ? 

The generation:how much do you pay?

I'm old school. I still like to think that employees really want to work and take on a challenge. Of course, the salary is part of the adventure, but sell me your salad before you ask me how much I pay.

For the past few weeks, I have been very present on TikTok and one of the questions that keeps coming back, after:do you have a lambo and are you a millionaire for real, is:how much do you pay?

I want to answer:for you? $0. You see, you have to convince the employer of your competence before asking for the salary.

With us, we hire to match a person's skills, experience and productivity. We also take into account the scope of his responsibilities. And I must say that we have a superb team. We have people of all ages who are motivated, efficient and responsible.

We build the company with our employees, we have every interest in ensuring that they are happy, they are part of our success. But in happiness at work, there are three elements that come into play:freedom, recognition and salary. We work hard to offer the best of three.

I know we're in the age of instantaneity where people are easily swiped, but I like to think that we're building a long-term team and that the employees are like a big family. So the question:how much do you pay? I don't get used to it.

In business, there is a very important motto:Hire slowly, fire rapidly. Take your time to hire the right people, and quickly fire the incompetent ones.

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J’ avoue avoir toujours été inconfortable de répondre à cette question de la part d’un employeur 😀
Je te comprends!
Bonne journée

Nancy Boudreau

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