Maintenant en lecture: The art of delegating!
L'art de déléguer!

The art of delegating!

The art of delegating!
This is one of the first problems that the entrepreneur will face.
« It's way too complicated what I do, just me will be able!»
« It will take 2 people if not 3 to do the job»
Never 2 without 3, I don't have the money to hire someone »
Yes to all of the above and yet...
An entrepreneur must learn to delegate, as long as he delegates the right tasks.
We often think that we have to find a salesperson when it is the last thing we should delegate. Nobody becomes an entrepreneur to become a master of accounting (unless they have an accounting office ;)).
It takes an employee/guinea pig for a company to become a big company. Once this employee made us understand that it is possible and even necessary to delegate, the company is launched.
I say guinea pig, because he risks having an omnipresent entrepreneur in his hands until the bond of trust is established. It's a must on both sides.
If you want to do it right, you don't have to do it yourself!
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