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Les deux mains dans poutine

Both hands in poutine

« Why are you still shipping »

« Hey, you test your recipes yourself» 

« You should delegate more»

Some things can be delegated, some can't. I am a builder, not an operator. My company reflects my vision, my ideas, my ambition. And for that, I must first listen to you, discuss with you, and also be able to see the flaws in the company's turnover. And it is by immersing my hands in it that I can achieve it.

Because a business can rust very quickly. An operator will provide some continuity, but will not think outside the box.

However, one must understand the path before showing it to others. When I test a recipe, I also assess the production costs, and I quickly see if I can make money with the product.

A builder wants to know how things are going on the ground, what is going well, what is going wrong, what can be improved. An operator can spend his life working remotely, as long as there is growth, he will follow the path laid out.

Let's take Elon Musk for example (well, I'm not comparing myself to him, but he's a good example). He is hyper active following his takeover of Twitter. He has both hands in poutine, he fires people, cleans up, implements his vision. He responds to everyone on Twitter, he is arrogant with his detractors. He goes to the office and does not just stay at home. Warren Buffet is also in charge of his companies.

Of course, I can't always be so present. A builder prepares his succession over a 10-year horizon, and this must include other builders.

I don't believe in operating companies. I build every day with the same enthusiasm as on the first day, and I still have as much pleasure in placing orders and testing recipes. And I'm not about to stop…

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