Maintenant en lecture: Entrepreneurship, a game of patience.
L’entrepreneuriat, un jeu de patience.

Entrepreneurship, a game of patience.

Last weekend, my 7-year-old stepson asked me to bring the little red hut to the side of the road to sell our products. Yes, he has an entrepreneurial spirit. ;)

The problem is, we live in the back of a row where there is very little traffic. The little one therefore realizedthat entrepreneurship rhymes with the word patience.

When you start a business, you want customers to show up immediately. We think they're going to happen right away, but it's more of a game of patience.

For little Gaël, it was too long. His entrepreneurial project had just died out. Normal, he's a child.

Yet it is always like that in business. We wait. You launch a product and you want it to have instant success. We want to become the benchmark, but it takes longer than we think.

So long that some give up when you realize that the companies that are successful today have been in business for fifteen years. We must never forget that it is a long time.

The reality is, you can't wait. Personally, I'm a very impatient person, but I know it's part of the entrepreneurial journey. And in the end, I know it will look like an overnight success, even if it isn't.n.

Without realizing it, Gaël had a half-hour entrepreneurial 101 court. He had products and that is the basis. There are a few cars that have passed but haven't stopped. He got discouraged.

In real life, he should have adjusted. Adapt his speech, his way of doing things. He should have questioned himself. Three cars passed, but did not stop. What should I do?

Entrepreneurship is exactly that. We spend our time wondering what to do, how to maintain growth, retain customers, etc.

And not all the actions we take have an immediate impact, the fallouts are sometimes difficult to assess. This is the case with marketing, for example, which can take several months to bear fruit.

It may take several refusals. Maybe in Gaël's case the same car would have passed six times and by the sixth time it would have stopped. History will never tell..

The wait in entrepreneurship is constantly killing us, we have to learn to live with it.

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