Maintenant en lecture: The best idea is right before your eyes!
La meilleure idée est sous vos yeux!

The best idea is right before your eyes!

I often repeat it in conferences, the best idea is close to you. People sometimes search from noon to 2 p.m. to find THE good entrepreneurial idea, THE product that will revolutionize the world, and yet, the flash of genius will cross your mind either by chance or when you are looking for a solution to a problem. was born from our desire to sell our surplus maple syrup online in order to sell off the stocks that had been accumulating for years. Little by little, our mission has become to make the most of the earth's resources. All the time I was looking for a business idea, it was right there in front of my eyes.

This is often also the case for a new product. The Mixte de la Petite-Nation was born in a very simple way, by mixing three of our most popular popcorns, and drawing inspiration from the famous Chicago Mix. A tasty mix of our maple, butter and pica pica spiced popcorns.. 

And why not take the opportunity to put the Petite-Nation on the map and make it a tourist destination??

Two years later, I can say that it is mission accomplished. To see all the people who fill the bottom of rang Ste-Madeleine to come see us and take the opportunity to visit the region, I am very proud to contribute in my own way to making my part of the country known. And the number of people who tell us that Mixte de la Petite-Nation is their favorite popcorn is impressive.

My ultimate dream That the Petite-Nation becomes as famous as Chicago and that we sell our popcorn all over the world. 

Think big! ;)

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