Maintenant en lecture: What if from now on we call it the Yelo Molo syndrome?
Et si à partir de maintenant on appelait ça le syndrome Yelo Molo?

What if from now on we call it the Yelo Molo syndrome?

Let me explain, that is to say (#humor)

The CFIB, which represents Canadian SMEs, released a study showing that businesses have lost $11 billion this year due to labor shortages.

I've been in business for 22 years and we've been talking about labor shortages for as long as I can remember. We must separate the concepts of labor shortage and loss of earnings.

Refusing an order or a contract because you don't think you can deliver or the margins are too small, it can happen. But leaving opportunities on the table on the pretext that there is a labor shortage, for me, that's not what being an entrepreneur is.

I don't know of any entrepreneur in my inner circle who would leave money on the table.

(I am excluding restaurateurs from the equation here, this is a special case).

In 4 years of existence of, I have never said no to an opportunity. You have to be imaginative as an entrepreneur. Find solutions.

So why release this study, this"news"which is not one? To ask the government for help? It reminds me strangely of Yelo Molo… “it's not our fault”.

There is always a part of the turnover that goes into the “loss of profit” section in a company, this is not new. These days, employees have their backs wide. It's easy to put that on the economic situation, the shortage of manpower, to shovel the problem in the court of others. But basically, that's what being an entrepreneur is all about.

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