Maintenant en lecture: Have we formed a generation of cowards?
Avons-nous formé une génération de peureux?

Have we formed a generation of cowards?

I have the impression that many people, and some entrepreneurs, are increasingly afraid of making mistakes. Judging by the number of life and business coaches on the market, I wonder how much you can avoid mistakes and make better decisions with outside advice, without having first in trouble.

Because it's impossible to start a business without making mistakes, and that's normal. Is it better to make small mistakes Of course. That's why I often say to start small and grow slowly, mistakes are less costly ;) 

Having a mentor with real business experience who will tell you not to fall into such and such a trap in which he himself may have fallen, can't hurt.

But remember when you were little, if your mother told you not to jump in the mud, what would you do??

The very definition of entrepreneurship is knowing how to think outside the box. If you prefer the paths traced in advance, then the entrepreneurial adventure may not be for you. Even with a mentor, the day you are in trouble, it will be up to you to get out of it. No one is going to take you by the hand.

As an entrepreneur, we are always solving problems, and you cannot have someone who will constantly advise you what to do for each situation. You have to learn from your mistakes. Like a child or a teenager.

It's all well and good the positive thinking and self-confidence that coaches promise you to access, but whether you have confidence in yourself or not, you will have to find solutions when you have both feet in the mud. And your coach may not be available that day…

Fear should help you move forward and find solutions, not slow you down and make you doubt. Make decisions, screw up and learn.

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