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verrines mascarpone ricotta à l'érable et confiture de fruits

Sweet Verrines: Maple Ricotta-Mascarpone and Berry Jam

Sweet Verrines: Maple Ricotta-Mascarpone and Berry Jam

These verrines delicately combine the creamy texture of ricotta and mascarpone with the sweetness of maple syrup, offering a delicious contrast with the acidity of a berry jam. Ideal for finishing a meal on a light note or to accompany a coffee, they bring a touch of refinement to your table.

The Key to a Rich and Varied Texture

The unique character of these verrines comes from their textured composition: a base of oat and walnut crumble, covered with a smooth layer of cheese mixed with maple syrup, all topped with a bright berry jam. This layering creates a flavorful balance of crunch and creaminess, complemented by the freshness of the fruit.

Selection of Quality Ingredients

The careful selection of ingredients is at the heart of this recipe. The combination of ricotta and mascarpone ensures a rich and velvety base, enriched by the natural sweetness of maple syrup. The berry jam adds a touch of liveliness, balancing the flavors for a result that is both complex and pleasant.

A Dessert for All Occasions

Suitable for all seasons and perfect for any occasion, these glasses seduce with their elegance and simplicity. They illustrate that sophistication in the kitchen can also rhyme with ease and accessibility. Whether you are passionate about refined desserts or looking for a simple pleasure, these verrines are an invitation to enjoy the little joys of life.

🔍 Information Details
⏱️ Preparation time 30 minutes
🍳 Cooking time 10-15 minutes
⏲️ Total time At least 1 hour 40 minutes (including rest in the refrigerator)
🔧 Difficulty level AVERAGE
🍽️ Servings 4-6
🔥 Calories (approximate) 450 per serving

  • For the oat and nut base:
    • 100g quick cooking oats
    • 50g nuts of your choice (pecans, almonds or walnuts), roughly chopped
    • 2 tablespoons of maple syrup
    • 1 tablespoon butter, melted
  • For the ricotta and mascarpone cream:
    • 250g ricotta
    • 250g mascarpone
    • 3 tablespoons maple syrup (adjust to taste)
    • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • Fruit layers and finishes:
    • 180g of berry jam of your choice (blueberries, strawberries or raspberries)
    • Fresh fruit corresponding to the chosen jam, to decorate
    • A few fresh mint leaves, for decoration
    • A little maple syrup for draping

  1. Preparation of the oat and nut base:

  2. Preparation of the ricotta and mascarpone cream:

  3. Assembling the glasses:

  4. Decoration and finishing:

Let the glasses rest in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving to allow the flavors to blend perfectly. This simple but elegant recipe is perfect for a light end to a meal or to accompany your afternoon tea. Enjoy your food!

If you choose to use only Ricotta :

  • Increase the quantity of ricotta to 500g to compensate for the absence of mascarpone. Ricotta is lighter and less rich than mascarpone, which will give a more airy and less dense texture to your cream.
  • You might want to add an extra tablespoon of maple syrup to enrich the taste, as ricotta can be slightly milder in flavor than mascarpone.

If you opt for Mascarpone alone:

  • Use 500g of mascarpone to replace the mascarpone-ricotta combination. The mascarpone will provide a creamier and richer texture.
  • Since mascarpone is naturally softer and richer, you may not need to adjust the amount of maple syrup. Taste and adjust to your preference.


  • Texture: If you find the texture of the cream too thick with either cheese, you can thin it with a little liquid cream, a spoonful at a time, until you reach the desired consistency.
  • Taste: Remember to taste and adjust the sweetness level with the maple syrup to suit your taste.

Q & A Complementary to the Verrines Recipe

Q1: Can we prepare these verrines in advance?
A1: Yes, these glasses are ideal for preparation in advance. Assemble them the day before and store them in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Just remember to take them out about 15 minutes before enjoying them to fully enjoy their flavor.

Q2: What nuts do you recommend for the crumble base?
A2: Pecans or almonds are great for their texture and taste, but feel free to use your favorite nuts or a mix of several types to add a personal touch.

Q3: Is there an alternative to maple syrup?
A3: For those who want variety, honey is a great alternative to maple syrup. It will bring a different sweetness and will perfectly complement cheeses and berry jam.

Q4: How do I get a perfectly smooth layer of cheese?
A4: For a smooth, even texture, make sure the ricotta and mascarpone are at room temperature before mixing. Use a whisk or electric mixer on medium speed to achieve a creamy consistency without lumps.

Q5: Can we use fresh fruit instead of jam?
A5: Absolutely, fresh fruit cut into small cubes can replace jam for an extra touch of freshness. Consider mixing them with a little maple syrup to maintain the characteristic sweet note.

Q6: How can I further personalize these glasses?
A6: The possibilities are endless. Incorporate spices like cinnamon or ginger into the crumble base for a warm touch, or add lemon zest to the cheese layer for a tangy contrast. Experiment with different types of jams or compotes to repeat the experience.

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