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Perfect appetizer bites

Perfect bites for the aperitif: waffles with maple or boreal vanilla and smoked salmon

A unique marriage of flavors

Maple or boreal vanilla waffle bites are an interesting option for sweet and savory lovers. These light and crispy bites are topped with fresh cream cheese, delicate smoked salmon and a touch of finely chopped chives. The rich flavors of maple or boreal vanilla blend perfectly with the salty and smoky salmon, creating an explosion of flavors on the palate. This recipe is perfect for an appetizer or a quick snack, and it's easy to customize to suit your tastes and cravings.

The waffle bites with maple and smoked salmon offer a marriage of sweet and savory flavors. The maple brings a sweet and caramelized note that goes perfectly with the salty and delicate smoked salmon. It is a combination that appeals to those who love contrasting flavors and are looking for a unique taste experience.

On the other hand, the waffle bites with boreal vanilla and smoked salmon are also a great combination of flavors. Boreal vanilla brings a subtle and delicate note of vanilla that blends harmoniously with smoked salmon. It is an option for those who prefer a milder and more subtle flavor, without losing the salty touch that goes so well with smoked salmon.



  1. Cut the waffle bites in half.
  2. Top each half bite with cream cheese and top with smoked salmon and a sprinkle of chives.

Preparation time: 10 minutes | Servings: 4 people

Ultimately, the choice between maple waffle bites and boreal vanilla bites comes down to individual taste preferences. If you are curious to taste both options, you can try them at your next aperitif party and see which one is more popular with your guests.

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