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How to prepare cold brew coffee

Are you the type to line up to catch your first cold brew of the summer? Did you know that it is very easy to prepare it yourself at home?

All it takes is a cold coffee maker (ex:Bialetti or other) or a French press (Bodum type), quality coarse ground coffee and good fresh water.

We show you how in the video below.

The infusion only takes 24 hours, after which you have to remove the filter (or squeeze the coffee, depending on the method chosen) and the coffee will keep for several days in the fridge.

All you have to do is add your favorite ingredients:cow's milk, cream, almond, oat or soy drink, a few ice cubes, vanilla syrup, maple sugar ... the possibilities are endless!

Cold brewed coffee allows you to remove the best aromas from the coffee, without retaining the bitterness. The result is a tasty drink, but soft and pleasant in the mouth, with a slight sweet touch.

Good refreshment!

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La découverte de l’été. Wow, super facile.
Plus facile à digérer pour moi.

Stephane Carrier

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