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François Lambert

Bath salt - Dark chocolate

Bath salt - Dark chocolate

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Immerse yourself in a gourmet bath with this bath salt with dark chocolate aromas. Whether it's for a romantic moment or simply to take time for yourself, you will feel like at the spa.

The combination of Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt will provide you with a moment of relaxation worthy of spa and thalassotherapy centres.

Bath salts provide intense relaxation, they also provide access to deep relaxation and release accumulated tension.

Dead Sea salt

Dead Sea salt comes, as its name suggests, from the Dead Sea which is actually a salt lake. The deepest lake in the world, located on the lowest point on earth: 400 meters below sea level. Due to its high salt concentration, around 27.5% against 2 to 4% salt on average in other seas, it is found to be effective in soothing the symptoms of various dermatological conditions.

Unlike conventional sea salt consisting mainly of sodium chloride, Dead Sea salt has a high concentration of potassium, magnesium, calcium and bromine .

This exceptional richness in various mineral salts gives it properties very often used in spas.

Epsom salt

Natural magnesium sulphate is more commonly known as Epsom salt. It is mainly composed of two elements: sulphate, which is the mineral form of sulphur, as well as magnesium. These two minerals are necessary for the proper functioning of the human organism as a whole.

Magnesium is a very widespread deficiency in our modern society where the nutritional quality of food has drastically decreased.

The skin effectively absorbs magnesium from diluting Epsom Salt in warm bath water.

Indeed, the cutaneous tissue is an interesting way of absorption to support the reserves in magnesium of the organization.


An average frequency of twice a week is reasonable in order to support the body's magnesium reserves and release tension.

Epsom Salt allows you to take a relaxing moment and unwind after a busy day.

Ingredients: sea salt, food coloring and perfume (derived from essential oils and natural flavors).

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