Popcorn aux épices pica pica

The Mixte de la Petite-Nation in a bag

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Even better than the famous"Chicago Mix", the Mixte de la Petite-Nation is an exceptional blend where the flavors of butter, maple and Pica Pica spices come together to create an incredible taste experience.

You simply won't be able to do without it!

La Petite-Nation is the native region of François, located in Outaouais. This is where francoislambert.one is built every day, where jobs are created, and where we will be waiting for you very soon to sell you our maple products directly in store.


Ingredients: Popcorn, Sugars (syrup
maple syrup, maple sugar), Coconut oil (beta
carotene [for coloring], natural flavors
and artificial), Coating (palm oil,
maltodextrin, coconut oil, salt, flavorings
natural), Mix of seasonings
(artificial flavors), Salt, Colors (dextrose,
tartrazine, allura red, sunset yellow FCF [for
coloring]), soy lecithin.

Contains: Soy