Personalized box of 12 paper lanterns

Personalized box of 12 paper lanterns

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Customizing your box

To assemble your box of 12 paper lanterns, please select each of the boxes of fragrances you want.

* For more than one lantern of the same fragrance, please specify in the text section the number of lanterns you want for each of its fragrances.

Chic personalized box of 12 small white soy wax lanterns. These paper lanterns are perfect for decorating an interior decor. They are used in various candle holders to create the right atmosphere for each activity. For use with safe candle containers only.

Our scented paper lanterns are made from pure soy wax and are a clean and safe choice for your home.

Ingredients:soy wax, fragrance (except for fragrance-free paper lanterns).