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François Lambert

4 chocolates stuffed with pineapple jelly

4 chocolates stuffed with pineapple jelly

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Exoticism and Gourmandise 🍍🍫

A real tropical trip with every bite, that's what our stuffed chocolates with pineapple ganache promise, a new tasty creation from Chocolaterie François Lambert.

A 64% Dark Chocolate Envelope

Enveloping each piece of this delight is a premium dark chocolate shell, with 64% cocoa, which strikes the perfect balance between the delicate bitterness of dark chocolate and the sweet sweetness of pineapple jelly.

A bewitching Pineapple Jelly

At the heart of each chocolate is a pineapple jelly. This jelly is made with pineapple puree, glucose, sugar, maple sugar, and pectin for an ideal consistency.

The Excellence of the François Lambert Chocolate Factory

Our artisanal chocolate factory is distinguished by its commitment to the quality of ingredients, mastery of the manufacturing process, and creativity in the design of new flavors.

A Gourmet that Transports you

Succumb to the call of exoticism and let yourself be transported by the refreshing and sparkling taste of pineapple, combined with the sweetness of dark chocolate.

To offer or to afford

These chocolates filled with pineapple ganache will make a perfect gift for lovers of chocolate and exotic flavors, or simply to treat yourself.

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Sylvie Roy

Pas,goûter ,offert en cadeau

Annik Laframboise

4 Chocolats farcis à la gelée d'ananas