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Steaks de Chou-fleur aux Épices BBQ à l'Ail Noir

Cauliflower Steaks with Black Garlic BBQ Spices

The trend for vegetable steaks, and especially cauliflower steaks, has spread like wildfire on social media, becoming a favorite among those looking for creative and tasty alternatives to meat. This popularity is not only due to its appetizing visual appearance, but also its ability to absorb a variety of flavors, making each bite exceptionally delicious.

At the heart of our unique Cauliflower Steak recipe are our exclusive BBQ spices, a house creation that draws its aromatic richness from black garlic, a culinary treasure aged on our land. Black garlic, reduced to powder, combines perfectly with our maple sugar and a meticulously selected blend of spices such as cumin, paprika, coriander, sea salt, pepper, chili and mustard, to create a symphony of flavors that delicately envelops each slice of cauliflower.

Black garlic is the cornerstone of our BBQ spices, offering an unrivaled depth of flavor with its notes of candied fig, balsamic vinegar and chocolate. This unique umami flavor, combined with its proven health benefits, including its antioxidant properties, makes our spice blend not only a delicious but also beneficial choice.

By choosing to prepare your Cauliflower Steak with our black garlic BBQ spices, you are opting for a culinary experience that celebrates naturalness, innovation and well-being. A recipe that promises to delight your taste buds and enrich your table with a touch of originality and sophistication.

🔍 Information Details
⏱️ Preparation time 10 minutes
🍳 Cooking time 20-25 minutes
⏲️ Total time 30-35 minutes
🔧 Difficulty level Easy
🍽️ Servings 2-4 servings
🔥 Calories (approximate) 150 calories per serving

Ingredients :

Instructions :

  1. Preparation of Cauliflower :

  2. Seasoning :

  3. Cooking :

  4. Service :


Q: Can this recipe be made with other types of cauliflower?
A: Absolutely, although the original recipe uses white cauliflower for its neutral taste and texture, you could definitely try purple or romanesco cauliflower to add a pop of color to your dish.

Q: Can cauliflower steaks be cooked on the grill?
A: Yes, cauliflower steaks can be barbecued to add extra smoky flavor. Just be sure to cook them over a medium heat to prevent burning and brush them regularly with oil to maintain their juiciness.

Q: How long will black garlic BBQ spices last?
A: Our BBQ spices will keep for several months if stored away from light and humidity. Their unique flavor will persist, ensuring flavorful dishes every time you use them.

Q: What are the health benefits of black garlic?
A: Black garlic is rich in antioxidants and contributes to cardiovascular health. It is also known for its potential to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, while being an excellent ally for strengthening the immune system.

Q: What sides do you recommend with this cauliflower steak?
A: To accompany your cauliflower steak, we suggest a fresh salad, grilled vegetables or root puree for a balanced meal. The flavors pair well with a variety of sides depending on your preferences.

Q: Will children enjoy this dish?
A: This recipe is a great way to introduce vegetables into children's diets in a fun and tasty way. The mild spices and the sweetness of maple sugar make cauliflower irresistible for young and old alike.

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