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salsa de légumes aux épices bbq à l'ail noir

Mexican spiced vegetable salsa

Here's a cool, summery recipe for hot summer days or to heat up cold winter days.

The recipe can be made with other vegetables that you have on hand, the idea when making salsa is often to put the leftover vegetables in the fridge and mix them with canned vegetables or condiments.

Here is what I used for it:



  • Cut the vegetables, cheese and sausage into small equal cubes
  • Put everything in a bowl
  • Add lime juice, olive oil and seasonings
  • Mix well and serve


This recipe can have so many variations! You can put any kind of firm cheese, replace the sausage with a legume, put green peppers, green or red onion. The possibilities are limitless! Be inspired by what you have on hand.

Have fun and enjoy your meal!

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