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Une coupe en verre contenant une mousse au chocolat onctueuse, surmontée de crème fouettée et de copeaux de chocolat, avec un filet de sirop chocolaté qui la décore, le tout présenté sur un fond uni couleur crème.

Choco-Maple Mousse

Have you ever found a leftover dark chocolate bar in your pantry and didn't know what to do with it? We have the perfect solution for you! Our Choco-Maple Mousse recipe is not only simple to make, but it also promises a dessert that everyone will enjoy. Whether you're a baking expert or a cooking novice, this chocolate and maple syrup mousse will be a hit. It's a delicious and original way to use this chocolate that's been waiting for its time. Follow our recipe for a dessert that will delight all taste buds!

🔍 Information Details
⏱️ Preparation time 20 minutes
🍳 Rest time 2 hours
⏲️ Total time 2 hours 20 minutes
🔧 Difficulty level AVERAGE
🍽️ Servings 6 persons
🔥 Calories (approximate) 260 per serving

Dark Chocolate and Maple Mousse

Ingredients :

  • 150g of 70% dark chocolate
  • 150ml 35% cream (for the whipped cream)
  • 3 tablespoons of maple syrup
  • 2 eggs (separate the whites from the yolks)
  • A pinch of salt

Instructions :


  • Bain-Marie : This technique involves heating or melting ingredients in a bowl placed over a pan of simmering water, without the bottom of the bowl touching the water. This is ideal for melting chocolate without the risk of burning it.

Q&A for the Choco-Maple Mousse Recipe

Q1: Can I use milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate?
A1: Of course, you can replace dark chocolate with milk chocolate. This will make the mousse softer and less intense in cocoa flavor. However, adjust the amount of maple syrup depending on the sweetness of the milk chocolate.

Q2: Is it possible to make this recipe without eggs?
A2: Yes, it is possible to make chocolate mousse without eggs. In this case, you can simply whip the cream and incorporate it with the melted chocolate mixed with maple syrup. The texture will be lighter, but still delicious.

Q3: How long can I keep this mousse in the refrigerator?
A3: Choco-Maple mousse generally keeps for up to 3 days in the refrigerator, in an airtight container. However, it is recommended to consume it fresh to benefit from its best texture and flavor.

Q4: Can I add toppings to this mousse?
A4: Absolutely! You can garnish the mousse with chocolate shavings, crushed hazelnuts, fresh fruit, or even a drizzle of additional maple syrup for a decorative and delicious touch.

Q5: Is this recipe suitable for vegans?
A5: No, this recipe contains animal products such as cream and eggs. For a vegan version, you will need to find substitutes for these ingredients, such as whipped coconut cream and aquafaba (whipped chickpea water) to replace the egg whites.

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C’est certain que je vais l’essayer. Merci pour recette 😍

Martine Paulin

GROS merci pour cette recette ainsi que toutes les autres . Je vais la faire c’est certain .
Encore une fois MERCI 🥰

Ginette prud’homme adam

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