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Martini Gâteau de Fête

Martini Party Cake

A Celebration Cocktail: Party Cake Martini

The Party Cake Martini is more than just a cocktail; it is a celebration in a glass, an invitation to savor festive moments with a touch of elegance and indulgence. Inspired by the irresistible flavors of birthday cake, this cocktail combines vanilla vodka, amaretto, white chocolate liqueur and coffee cream, delivering an experience that is both rich and comforting.

Key Ingredients

Vanilla Vodka: Perfect Sweetness

Vanilla vodka serves as the base for this cocktail, providing subtle sweetness and aromatic depth. It blends harmoniously with the other components to create a delicately flavored drink.

Amaretto and White Chocolate Liqueur: A Gourmet Duo

Amaretto, with its almond notes, and white chocolate liqueur, for its rich creaminess, combine wonderfully, enriching the cocktail with a velvety texture and complex flavors.

The Final Touch: Festive Decoration

A Glass Ready for the Party

Presentation plays a crucial role in the tasting experience. The edge of the glass, carefully decorated with edible confetti, invites the party even before the first sip, making this Party Cake Martini a real point of attraction for your evenings.

🔍 Information Details
⏱️ Preparation time 10 minutes
🍳 Mixing time 15 seconds
⏲️ Total time 11 minutes
🔧 Difficulty level Easy
🍽️ Servings 1
🔥 Calories (approximate) 287 per serving

  • 2 oz vanilla vodka
  • 1 1/2 oz amaretto
  • 1 oz white chocolate liqueur
  • 1 oz 10% coffee creamer
  • Ice
  • Simple syrup or lemon juice for the rim of the glass
  • Multicolored party cake decorations (edible confetti)

  1. Preparation of the Glass:

  2. Mix the Cocktail:

  3. Serve :


Q: What can I use instead of vanilla vodka?

A: If you can't find vanilla vodka, you can use regular vodka and add a few drops of vanilla extract to get the same flavor profile.

Q: Is there an alternative to amaretto for those who prefer to avoid almond flavors?

A: Yes, for a different but equally indulgent note, you could try Bailey's (an Irish cream liqueur) or Frangelico for a nutty undertone.

Q: I'm not a fan of white chocolate. Can I replace it?

A: Absolutely, if white chocolate isn't your taste, consider using a coffee or caramel liqueur for a touch of sweetness without the chocolate.

Q: What if I can't find coffee creamer?

A: The coffee creamer can be replaced with liquid cream or even a small amount of whole milk to lighten the cocktail.

Q: What can I use instead of simple syrup to adhere decorations to glass?

A: Honey diluted with a little water or a mixture of icing sugar and water can be used as an alternative to simple syrup to hold edible decorations to the edge of the glass.

Q: I am allergic to edible confetti. Is there another option for decorating the glass?

A: For a festive touch without using edible confetti, you can dip the rim of the glass in colored sugar or a mixture of sugar and non-allergenic edible glitter.

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