Les meilleures boissons pour accompagner nos meringues à l'érable

The best drinks to accompany our maple meringues

The best drinks to accompany a maple meringue

A maple meringue, what do we drink with that?

Maple meringue is a delicious and unique treat that offers a sweet and savory taste. However, to get the most out of this treat, it's important to know what to pair it with.

In this article, we are going to give you practical advice on "pairing" maple meringues to accompany them with the most suitable drinks.

Earl Gray Tea

Earl Gray tea is a great option to pair with maple meringue. The bergamot notes of the tea perfectly complement the sweet and subtle taste of the meringue. The sweet flavor of Earl Gray tea does not surpass that of meringue, but rather, it sublimates it. The combination of these two flavors creates a unique and refined taste experience.

Black coffee

If you are a coffee lover, you can accompany your maple meringue with a black coffee. Black coffee is perfect for a maple meringue because it has a strong and intense flavor that contrasts with the sweet and subtle flavor of the meringue. This creates a balance between flavors that makes this pairing truly exceptional.

White wine

White wine is also an option to consider with a maple meringue. A dry and fruity white wine is ideal for a maple meringue. It should not be too sweet, as this may mask the subtle taste of the meringue. White wines like Riesling or Gewürztraminer are the most suitable choices.


Champagne is a luxurious and sophisticated drink that pairs well with maple meringue. The effervescence of the champagne creates an interesting contrast with the light and airy texture of the meringue. The fruity and sour flavor of champagne goes perfectly with the sweet taste of meringue.

Hot milk

Hot milk is another option to accompany a maple meringue. This combination is particularly suitable for an evening tasting, as it offers a feeling of comfort and softness. The hot milk should be slightly sweetened to complement the sweet taste of the meringue.

Dark or amber beer

If you are a beer lover, you can accompany your maple meringue with a dark beer or an amber beer. Both types of beer have rich, complex flavors that perfectly complement the sweet, subtle taste of meringue. Dark beer has hints of caramel and malt , while amber beer has hints of hazelnut and toast . Pairing these flavors with the maple meringue creates a unique and savory taste experience . Remember to choose a beer with a low hop content so as not to mask the subtle flavor of the maple meringue.

Good tasting !

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