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The best drinks to accompany our maple meringues


Maple meringues and their variations, whether coffee, dark chocolate or Ruby chocolate, are more than just a treat: they are true works of culinary art. Pairing these delights with a carefully chosen beverage can transform your tasting experience into a true sensory journey. In this comprehensive article, we'll explore the best drink choices for each type of meringue, taking into account the time of day and the science behind pairings.

Coffee for ClassicMaple Meringue

Ideal time: Morning or afternoon

Why it works:

Black coffee offers a robust, intense flavor that contrasts wonderfully with the sweetness of the maple meringue.

The scientific side:

The acids in the coffee react with the sugars in the meringue, creating a balanced taste experience.

Herbal Tea for Maple Meringue

Ideal time: Relaxing afternoon

Why it works:

A light herbal tea can offer a moment of calm and complement the sweetness of the maple meringue.

The scientific side:

Flavonoid compounds in herbal tea can interact with maple aromas, generating a calming experience for the senses.

White Wine for Maple and Dark Chocolate Meringue

Ideal time: Dinner or evening

Why it works:

A dry, fruity white wine, like a Riesling, can enhance the complex nuances of dark chocolate while pairing well with maple.

The scientific side:

The polyphenols in white wine can harmonize with the tannins in chocolate, creating a perfectly balanced taste union.

Scotch for Ruby Chocolate Maple Meringue

Ideal time: Luxurious evening

Why it works:

Scotch adds exceptional depth to Ruby Chocolate Maple Meringue.

The scientific side:

Aging Scotch in oak barrels produces phenolic compounds that can react with maple aromas.

Rum for the Maple and Coffee Meringue

Ideal time: After dinner or during a special event

Why it works:

Rum, especially an aged rum, offers notes of caramel and vanilla that pair beautifully with the maple and coffee meringue.

The scientific side:

The fermented sugars in the rum can accentuate the natural sweetness of the meringue, while the volatile flavor compounds in the rum can combine with the coffee notes.

A Drink for Every Meringue and Every Moment

Whether it's a strong coffee in the morning, a soothing herbal tea in the afternoon, a tangy white wine for dinner, and now also Scotch or rum, the choice of drink can transform your maple meringue tasting experience.

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