I do not know about you, but if I am persistent, it is that I have no natural talent..

Some will say that I have a big mouth naturally;;)

I was not the best at school, but I did well; I was not the best at swimming, but I still swim after 25 years; I was not the best programmer, but still, I still managed.llé.

Those who have a natural talent cursed them, do not always need perseverance. But will they still be present in 20 yearsans?

Besides, it is said that it takes 10,000 hours over a period of 10 years to become a master in almost any discipline, but that you can learn everything in 20

So I learn quickly in 20 hours and I persist for 10,000 hours thereafter;;)

And you?

P.S. I speak of perseverance in my 1st book:ître_Table_des_matieres_chapitre_6.pdf288

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