For some time now, we have heard a lot of the word eco-anxiety. Among other things, young people are reluctant to have children because they are afraid that the earth will no longer exist in the near future..

Well, that doesn't matter, I spent my youth talking to me about having a nuclear shelter and stocking up just in case!où!

I have always been a little anxious as an entrepreneur. I'm afraid of being afraid. I'm always afraid of losing a client.ent.

And fear that a machine will break and that this will jeopardize production. It happens regularly..

When I can fix them, I do it with the means at hand and I continue. Those who had seen my popcorn seal from last summer will understand 😂

This constant anxiety was put to the test last weekend when one of the cotton candy machines passed away. I tried to fix it myself, but it needed more love.ur.

The important thing was to deliver on time despite everything and it was done at the expense of leisure..

I don't like taking pills, so I turn to other alternatives and that's why I discovered cold showers, breathing techniques and fasting.ing.

I know it sounds esoteric, but I am far from being that kind of character and, above all, I don’thave nothing to sell you on this subject not even a conference.e).

The anxiety is still there, but easily controllable without the pill..

I think the success of a business depends on having a little anxiety, it forces us to surpass ourselves.ser.

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