Maintenant en lecture: Fantastic Journey to the Enchanted Kingdom of Patchouli
Voyage Fantastique dans le Royaume Enchanté du Patchouli

Fantastic Journey to the Enchanted Kingdom of Patchouli

In the distant and mystical kingdom of Patchouli, five friends lived in harmony under the benevolent gaze of the Great Tree of Patchouli. They were the children of the hippie era, born out of the haze of that bygone era and marked by ideals of peace, love and universal harmony. The scent of patchouli was their essence and their guide, a sweet, earthy fragrance that sounded like the melodious song of the days of flowers in hair and open hearts.

The two candles, one with a cotton wick, soft and peaceful, and the other with a wooden wick, bold and crackling, burned with a spiritual fire. Like two inseparable sisters, they danced together, their flames rising in rhythm with the beats of distant tambourines, illuminating the realm with a soft, comforting light.

Their complicity was however disturbed by an argument. The opposite characters of the two sisters created a tension, threatening to blow out their common flame. The cotton-wick candle reproached its sister for her overflowing liveliness, while the crackling candle wished the other to be bolder.

Seeing this conflict, the little soap in the shape of a patchouli sheep, imbued with the innocence and tenderness of the hippie golden age, intervened. Her soft voice calmed the spirits, reminding her sisters of the love and unity that were the foundations of their creation. He spoke of the singing of Janis Joplin, the laughter of the crowds at Woodstock, the echo of peace protests, and the whispers of lovers sharing a moment under starry skies.

The candles, touched by his words, rediscovered their mutual love. Their common flame was rekindled, shining even brighter than before, filling the realm with a warm and soothing light.

As this drama unfolded, the sheep in the surrounding fields continued their toil. Producing a rich and nourishing milk, they were the source of sheep's milk soap and three patchouli butters. These devoted creatures, symbols of gentleness and generosity, worked tirelessly, knowing that their gift brought beauty and well-being to the inhabitants of the kingdom.

The patchouli ambient mist, like an aerial deity, watched everything wisely. His presence was as subtle as the wind, but as powerful as the ocean. She watched over the harmony of the kingdom, her bewitching and refreshing scent enveloping everything, like a distant melody from the hippie era that whispered words of love and freedom.

Time passed in the Kingdom of Patchouli, each day bringing new adventures. But one thing remained constant: the spirit of the hippie years, embodied by these five friends, remained alive, spreading its message of love, peace and respect. And every time the wind blew, the sweet, earthy smell of patchouli reminded everyone of the sweet refrain of that unforgettable time.

To discover the characters of this fiction but which exists for real, it's here

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Kingdom of Patchouli?

The Kingdom of Patchouli is an imaginary world where patchouli-based products come to life, inspired by the spirit of the hippie years.

Who are the characters in this story?

The characters are two candles, a sheep's milk soap with three patchouli butters, a patchouli room mist and a soap in the shape of a patchouli sheep.

How is the hippie spirit evoked in this story?

The hippie spirit is evoked through the behavior and interactions of the characters, as well as the scent and vibe of the kingdom itself.

What is the importance of sheep in this story?

Sheep produce the milk used to create nourishing soap. They symbolize gentleness, generosity and devotion.

How is the smell of patchouli described in the story?

The smell of patchouli is described as sweet and earthy, reminding everyone of the sweet refrain of the hippie era.

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C’est sûrement sensationnelle car j’adore l’odeur du patchouli je sais pas pourquoi ça me calme 😌

Geneviève ⛸ Gaumond 🏒

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