Maintenant en lecture: A wonderful tale inspired by Lafontaine on our fruity soaps
Un merveilleux conte inspiré de Lafontaine sur nos savons fruités

A wonderful tale inspired by Lafontaine on our fruity soaps

Our soap factory has 65 fragrances of which 13 soaps are in the fruity category.
Here is a little story about these soaps in the style of Lafontaine's fables.
In a marvelous country, coiled between hills of glycerine and rivers of sheep's milk, resided thirteen soaps with fruity fragrances. The latter, like noble characters, proudly wore their mango, cocoa and shea butter clothes, offering whoever approached them a delicate caress of softness.
"Look at soap No.5, our dear Cotton Candy, always playful, eternal child, it makes us relive our sweetest memories", commented soap No.9, nicknamed the Traveler, which, with its exotic scent of Mango , Coconut and Peach, constantly evoked stories of distant sunny beaches.
Soap No.11, a wise blend of Lime, Coriander, Bergamot and Neroli, taking the floor, added: "Each of us is a journey, a world to discover, a symphony of scents to share."
But now soap No.13, an explosion of Citrus, responded with enthusiasm: "We are life, joy, energy! We are here to awaken the senses and bring joy!"
Soap No.17, an audacious mixture of Carambola and Kiwi, approved with a smile: "Each of us is unique, exotic, spicy! We are made for adventure and discovery!"
Then, the gentle soap No.19, a harmonious blend of Orange and Cantaloupe, interjected: "And we are also the sweetness, the tranquility, the comfort. Each of us brings a little peace in this hectic world."
Soap No.20, a curious mix of Pear and Banana Peel, sneered, "And let's not forget the surprise! Who would have thought that banana peel and pear would make such an intriguing mix?"
The No.23 soap, dreamy with aromas of Pineapple, Coconut and Mango, gently replied: "We are all a journey, a destination, a dream. Look at us, we are a rainbow of scents! "
Soap No.24, a soothing blend of Tangerine and Chamomile, added its voice to the conversation: "We are also consolation, tenderness, rest after a long day."
Soap No.25, Mysterious Pineapple Evergreen, smiles mysteriously: "And we are also the mystery, the unknown, waiting for a new adventure."
Soap No.26, vibrant with Basil and Lime, exclaimed: "It's true! We are here to inspire, to bring freshness, to remind us of summer days!"
Soap No.37, a joyful blend of Cornflower and Grape, adds: "And to bring joy! Look at us, we are a symphony of colors and scents!"
Finally, soap No.64, known as Bière Fruitée, wisely concludes: "We are all different, but we all have the same mission: to bring happiness through our perfumes."
And this is how, every day, in their fragrant kingdom, our thirteen soaps exchanged, shared and lived together, each bringing in their own way a little of their essence to each house they visited. Because they knew they were much more than simple soaps: they were messengers of happiness, ambassadors of sweetness, guardians of precious memories.
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