Maintenant en lecture: The Sweet Adventure of Timmy and Ruby Rose: A Magical Journey into the World of Chocolate
La Douce Aventure de Timmy et Ruby Rose : un Voyage Magique dans le Monde du Chocolat

The Sweet Adventure of Timmy and Ruby Rose: A Magical Journey into the World of Chocolate

Once upon a time, in a small town, there was a boy named Timmy. Timmy was an imaginative boy, with his messy blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. He loved going on adventures in his garden, where he imagined fantastic worlds.

One day, while playing in his garden, he met a little girl named Ruby Rose. She had long, shiny pink hair and eyes that twinkled like maple ingots. She was cheerful, full of life and had a sweetness that made her instantly lovable.

Together they set off on many adventures. They walked through forests of kitchen chairs, climbed mountains of cushions and navigated rivers of carpets. They encountered fairies, embodied by Timmy's toys, who wanted to steal Ruby Rose's pink hair for their wings. But together, they convinced them that Ruby Rose's beauty was unique and should be respected.

When they reached the snowy terrace (a pile of spilled sugar), Ruby Rose's eyes, which shone like maple ingots, were threatened by the freezing cold. But Timmy, as a good adventure companion, protected her and they survived the storm.

After so many adventures, Timmy looked at Ruby Rose and said, "Ruby Rose, you've been an amazing adventure companion. But now it's time to go home."

They went home and Ruby Rose said, "Timmy, I have to tell you something." She approached him and suddenly transformed into a beautiful pink chocolate bar with maple ingot chips. Timmy gaped, then burst out laughing.

"All this time, you were a bar of chocolate! It's amazing, Ruby Rose. Thank you for these adventures. And now it's time to taste you."

And with that, Timmy took a bite of Ruby Rose. The sweet and unique flavor of pink chocolate, combined with maple, flooded her taste buds. It was the best chocolate bar he had ever eaten. Each bite was a reminder of the adventures they had shared, adding a touch of magic to the tasting.

Thus ends the story of Ruby Rose, the little girl who was actually a chocolate bar, and Timmy, the little boy with a wild imagination. A story of adventure, transformation and a memory that lasts forever.

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Bonjour! Merveilleuse histoire, j’ai adoré. François est-ce toi qui a écrit cette magnifique histoire ? Je n’ai pas encore fait la découverte de cette barre de chocolat Ruby. Bientôt je suis du pour faire une commande. Mes salutations François Marylin Gael ainsi qu’a toute ton équipe

Didi Dorais Fréchette

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