Maintenant en lecture: Franfreluche to the rescue of woody soaps
Franfreluche à la rescousse des savons boisés

Franfreluche to the rescue of woody soaps

It was a summer like no other in the kingdom of Franfreluche. The sun shone relentlessly, the rivers dried up, and the kingdom languished in the oppressive heat. The wise men of the kingdom had spoken: only the return of the Jewels of Nature could restore the balance of time.

Franfreluche, with his courage and determination, decided to go in search of these gems. Each jewel, once found and saved, revealed a unique scent, which guided Franfreluche to the next jewel.

His first destination was a dense, dark forest, where the trees whispered the name of the Evergreen Jewel (No.2). She rescued a fallow deer caught in a hunter's trap and, in gratitude, the animal offered her the jewel. Breathing in her scent, a path opened up in front of her, leading her to a verdant garden.

In the Garden of Rosemary, Sage and Basil (No.10), she encountered a frightened hare, unable to solve the riddles of the maze. Together, they managed to get out of the maze, and in gratitude, the hare gave him the second jewel. Its scent transported her to a snowy moor.

In the Boreal Forest (No.15), she rescued a lost and starving polar bear. Thanks to his kindness, she was able to obtain the third jewel, and its scent took her to a lush jungle.

It was in this jungle of Eucalyptus and Conifers (No.29) that she saved a koala from a giant snake. As a reward, the koala gave him the fourth jewel. Her scent now guided her to a lost city.

In this city, the jewel of Sandalwood, Rosemary and Cedar (No.57) was locked in a stone enigma. After deciphering the hieroglyphs and defeating Stone Guardians, she received the Fifth Jewel. Its scent transported her to a quiet valley.

The sixth gem, Bamboo, Chamomile and Lavender (No.58), was saved by helping a colony of dragonflies defeat an invader. The scent of the jewel then took her to an oriental market.

At the market, an old man was holding the Patchouli Jewel (No.60), which she received after helping resolve a family dispute. The perfume guided her through the desert to the last jewel.

In the middle of the desert, the Campfire Jewel (No.62) was released by helping a nomadic tribe repel a horde of thieves. With all the jewels in his possession, Franfreluche was able to restore the balance of his kingdom.

The heat subsided, the rivers filled up again and life resumed its course. Franfreluche returned home as a heroine, carrying with her the memory of each jewel and each perfume, witnesses of her heroic journey.

To discover the jewels that Franfreluche has protected

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