Bobino parle de notre popcorn à Bobinette

Bobino talks about our popcorn at Bobinette

Bobino : Bobinette, have you ever heard of Popcorn Pop Choco with maple and chocolate and Popcorn with pure maple?

Bobinette : No, Bobino, but it sounds delicious! Tell me their story.

Bobino : Well, Bobinette, our story begins in a cornfield, under a bright summer sun. Two kernels of corn, still on their stalk, dreamed of the future.

The first bean, which would later become Maple Chocolate Popcorn Pop Choco, dreamed of adventure and discovery. He imagined mountains of chocolate and rivers of maple syrup, and dreamed of diving into these sweet delights.

Bobinette : Oh, how delicious!

Bobino : Very greedy, Bobinette. And when that grain was finally turned into popcorn, he did exactly what he dreamed of. It dipped into a mixture of chocolate and maple syrup, and came out with a deliciously sweet coating. It has become the favorite of gourmands, always ready to satisfy a craving for sweets.

Bobinette : And the other grain of corn, Bobino?

Bobino : The second grain, which would become Pure Maple Popcorn, dreamed of simplicity and authenticity. He imagined the soft maple forests of Quebec and the pure, sweet taste of maple syrup.

When he was turned into popcorn, he did exactly what he dreamed of. It took a bath in pure maple syrup, and came out with a smooth, natural flavor. It has become the choice of purists, always ready to offer an authentic and delicious taste experience.

Bobinette : Oh, that's a great story, Bobino. But which is the best?

Bobino : Well, Bobinette, it depends on everyone's taste. Some prefer the sweet, indulgent taste of Maple Chocolate Popcorn Pop Choco, while others prefer the pure, authentic flavor of Pure Maple Popcorn. The best way to find out is to try them both!

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