Maintenant en lecture: A real little François Lambert!
Un vrai petit François Lambert!

A real little François Lambert!

Alex is 19 years old and an entrepreneur at heart! When he was 12, he started selling firewood on his grandparents’s campsite to fund his trip to Mexico, and with the surplus he made, he decided to buy kayaks to rent to campers.

At 17, he launched his business: the Alxtreme spicy beans, which I'm adding to my online store today.

The recipe was developed by his grandparents in the late 90s after returning from a trip to Louisiana where they tasted these spicy beans in their Bloody Caesar. They did some testing until they came up with the taste and texture they were looking for to offer to their own bar patrons.

They called it the devil's claws. But customers weren't just putting it in their Bloody Caesar, they ate it as it was, put it in their beer, in short it was a hit! Alex’s grandparents once closed their bar and kept their recipe a secret.

In 2013, Alex also made a trip to Louisiana and in turn fell under the spell of spicy beans. On his return, he asks his grandparents for the recipe to market them. They refuse. But a few years later ... he was 17 !!!

Several years later......  He was 17, baswell!

In short, a few years later, he made his request again, and his grandparents agreed to share their recipe with him.

And boom! Alex creates his brand, finds local producers and starts working with restaurateurs in his region to sell his product. He potted 1,100 pounds of beans in the 1st year and 2,200 pounds in the 2nd year.

In addition to his business, Alex is studying business management at Cégep, he continues to sell wood and rent kayaks on his grandparents' campsite and he works in his father's transport company.

Alex is a hard worker, an entrepreneur at heart.

At the end of the encounter, I told him he would have caused a stir with the Dragon's Eye. And him to tell me: Are you sick I would be too afraid to be picked up: you are the story that makes people cry and makes everyone dream ... and I am no longer in dragons so no danger of getting picked upser » 😂

And his product is completely addicting! I sincerely believe it will be a huge success when the product becomes known to a wider audience. It's perfect as an aperitif or as a side dish. And it's a lot healthier than crisps!!

What I love more and more about my shop is discovering inspiring young entrepreneurs like Alex and making them discover you.

A photo is worth a thousand words, look at this young man next to me, he breathes happiness!

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