Maintenant en lecture: A man and his barrel!
Un homme et son baril !

A man and his barrel!

I would have liked to plant cabbages, but I prefer sauerkraut.
I was raised on a farm and slowly came back to earth around 2009 by building a sugar shack. Then I waited and hoped to get a permit so that my hobby would pay off and be able to sell a few barrels.
I have a manufacturing defect, I like my hobbies to be profitable. I also bought big tractors to do big farming. I quickly became disillusioned when I saw what I had left at the end.
I was constantly looking for ways to make the land profitable and make value-added products. Until the day I bought myself a machine to make maple cotton candy (special mention here at the Laurie Raphaël restaurant, which had cotton candy on its dessert menu).
A thunderbolt !
But you don't become a transformer overnight, I started selling my syrup online by selling gallons to quickly realize that everyone has a neighbor who always sells cheaper than you. In short, we don't sell a story, we sell a price.
Planting cabbage is interesting, making sauerkraut even better.
Today we see everywhere that producers are struggling. They are struggling because they have to fight on the basis of price and international competition. It is possible to win this battle, but it takes large volumes, very large volumes.
This weekend, we started the harvest of garlic flowers and it will only be available in pesto. I will not sell garlic either, I will offer you the black garlic.
I can sell you a can of syrup and I sell some, but I like to know you can have popcorn, cotton candy, maple butter, mustard, waffles, chocolates, meringues , donuts, dog treats and so on with maple syrup.
Sheep's milk Soaps!!
Pumpkins dog treatss
Whether it is milk producers, market gardeners, tomatoes, it is time for differentiation and adaptation.
If I could have lived without subsidies with the big culture, I would not be building a company
I did not choose this avenue, it was the attempts to produce grains and hops to resell that forced me to find my way into processing.
I adapted, because I had no choice.
"Adapt or die" Brad Pitt (Moneyball)
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