Maintenant en lecture: An entrepreneur on vacation!
Un entrepreneur en vacances!

An entrepreneur on vacation!

I am currently on vacation 

A very short vacation, but it’s perfect like that.

It’s difficult for an entrepreneur to take a vacation, especially when it comes to a startup. I have different businesses, but most of them are not operational.

Except one!

My online store

My store was launched 11 months ago and it's a startup that depends a lot on me and my girlfriend, Marilyn. And on the other hand my brother and my farm worker.

A startup that is starting to look more and more like a business. A super fast growing company.

But here we are, Marilyn and me on vacation. It's quite a challenge, because we had to plan for duplicate production before we left. We had to train my son to handle the deliveries while we were away.

Taking everyday vacations also means taking the time to see where our gaps are and what needs to be improved.

Taking vacations and seeing the country also allows us to see what new products to develop and improve.

Because an entrepreneur on vacation spends his time seeing opportunities everywhere 

Everyone has to decide what they want to do with their company, but for me, every company has to run on its own and not always depend on me.i.

My vacation was short, but long enough to realize that I need to organize my production even better in order to meet the growth challenge.

4 days of vacation to recharge my batteries and which allowed me to withdraw from everyday life.

Dear entrepreneurs, I challenge you to take a step back for 4 days while making sure that your business does not suffer too much.

If so, you need to ask yourself questions about your ability to trust and delegate. Our business is also our baby, but at some point we have to find a way to make it evolve.

My baby is here!

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