Three years instead of three months

A lot of people go into business thinking that they will be able to pay themselves a salary after three months. It is not so..

The reality is that if all goes well, you can start paying yourself a salary after three years. The other reality is that 80 of the companies, or one in five, will close before five years.ns.

Either because the entrepreneur has failed to delegate enough and is out of breath, or there simply was no market for his product.uit.

If we knew from the start what to expect, no one would. It is this naivety that allows us to get started..

Once left, we are caught in the gear. Eventually, it's going to take another month. Oops, no, another month. Then another and so on. Each time we feel so close to the goal that we do not want to stop. Our company is getting set up. We know that we are going in the right direction.n.

Whether you're young or more experienced, we all think the same thing at first: It's going to be easy, I have contacts.s. »

We realize that it is not as easy as we thought. Our customers, we have to find them. For this, we must set up a strategy different from the others. We are breaking our heads to find original ideas. That takes time.s.

Then there are all the investments required for the growth of the company, to increase production speed and have better margins, for example: more efficient machines, containers, new building, etc..

When the money finally begins to come in, it is often in small quantities, and always much less than we had hoped for.é.

After seven years, the business may flourish, and then everyone will believe it was built overnight. ;. ;)

Good success!

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