Maintenant en lecture: Siphoning off millionaires to build wealth
Siphonner les millionnaires pour créer de la richesse

Siphoning off millionaires to build wealth

Let's not be fooled, those whom Québec Solidaire wants to siphon off are the entrepreneurs. Because the famous 1% of rich people is made up of 65% entrepreneurs, 75% of whom started from scratch.

QS doesn't want to create wealth, it wants to exploit the rich. Their potential new source of tax, their project for a unifying society, is to tax millionaires. If not original, the party is at least faithful to its Marxist/Leninist/Communist values.

Because here, we say no to projects that could pay off for Quebec; liquefied natural gas, oil, shale gas, etc. So you have to find a way to get rich. And since entrepreneurs are finished exploiters, you might as well bleed them dry!

Make sure that you, the entrepreneur, take risks, take it easy and if you succeed and sell your business, we'll take 25% from you on that - in addition to the GST/QST that you will have paid each year - and the money in your pocket, we'll come and get you even more to share with those who have decided not to take the risk.

As an employee, the risk of losing your job is 1.7%. As an entrepreneur, if you had to pay an insurance premium, it would be 5.9 points higher because of all the risks involved: going bankrupt, losing income, not being able to resell the business, etc. You don't create a millionaire with a salary.

8.4 million people in Canada (60%) work in SMEs. What QS says to wealth-creating entrepreneurs is: we don't want you. You are an exploiter who enriches himself on the backs of the poor.

Yes, we have a social responsibility as an entrepreneur; but there are always many limits. Overtaxing the richest who have taken risks to create wealth is not a mobilizing social project.

So they are going to come and snatch more money from me who manages his super tight finances, while the government does not clean up its expenses for fear of being accused of austerity The Ministries of Health and education are bulimic. The administrative offices are full of people who manage who knows what, while there is a severe shortage of teachers and health personnel in the field. And it's up to me to pay out of my own pocket for the government's mismanagement No way am I going to give the government more money. We are already the highest taxed state in North America.rd.

Anyway, Quebec Solidaire can continue to entertain us, it's not as if their great ideas will materialize tomorrow morning😉
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