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If I were a comedian or a singer

If there is one group that has lost big with the pandemic, it is the artists. Comedians, singers, actors, ah and then the speakers too.
In short, all those who depended on the gatherings for a living were affected.
I had fun visiting the Facebook pages of comedians, singers, hosts and other Quebec artists. My first observation They have a lot of subscribers! We are talking about 150,000 up to sometimes 750,000. That’s huge!e!
The second observation I have made is that their pages are mostly empty of engaging content. Let me explain.e.
A (professional) Facebook page is much more than a wall where we pin the dates of our next shows, our next conferences or the products we sell. It is a place of exchange and interaction with our fans. It's done to share our story and create a bond of engagement between us and those who follow us every day.
And it's also done to make money. Yep, money. How By monetizing our content..
Ah you don't want your precious fans to see advertising when they watch your videos What a shame! So you might as well put an end to your career, because we are not ready to go back to the theater to see shows or conferences, and the social distancing rule will continue to apply for a long time, thus limiting the shooting of films and of television series..
So you might as well learn how to tap into this wonderful source of income that is Facebook (and Youtube) and deliver quality content to your supporters. What good engaging content is about sharing, for example, the whole creative process that goes into a show of humor or music. How you go about creating, writing, composing, how you work with your collaborators, what you experience on a daily basis, the ups and downs, the moments of discouragement, the great
For example, from the very beginning, I have been sharing the stages in the evolution of my online store with my subscribers. They know pretty much everything that goes on day to day in my business and they feel like they are part of the game. Like they were building it with me. I even cried once out of despondency and didn't hide it. And it touched my fans.s.
People love REAL content, not just good smiles, life is good and being sold tickets to shows or merchandise. They love to hear your stories. They love you for who you are. And Facebook, him, reward the creators.
So allow ads on your videos and create content your fans will love. They won't hold it against you for making an income, especially since it is now a matter of survival for your career. You have to reinvent yourself. And the ads only last 10 seconds. Don't be afraid to ask, this is your business model. If you want to keep doing what you love, you have to see yourself as a product.
And there are a host of other tools that Facebook offers such as the stars your fans can give you during Facebook live, the monthly subscription option in the amount of your choice for superfans to whom you can gift content. exclusive, there is a section that allows you to do live shows and load an entrance fee, you can also create a store directly on Facebook where people can buy what you have to sell.e.
But never forget that in the end, you are the one selling yourself. YOU are the product, people want to know more about you.
Yes, it's different than shows, but the tools are there, at your fingertips, and you have to know how to use them to monetize your talent.
If you believe that social media is not the best way to have direct contact with your fans, you are wrong. If you choose to get into the game, offer real content and accept to make money with it, you will find that the contact with your fans is very close and the exchanges are rich.
My engagement rate is higher with 60,000 subscribers than many artists who have 300 or 400,000.
I would like to have 400,000 subscribers on Facebook too ... just for thefame 🙂
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