Feeling lonely

Isolation expresses the pain of being alone while loneliness represents the glorification of being alone. Paul Tillichlich)

As entrepreneurs, we are alone at the top. The reason is simple, we like to light fires rather than prevent them. We like to disturb and it does not suit everyone!

One of the dangers facing entrepreneurs is isolation. When the problems arise, we quickly notice that the team is shrinking and that we are the only ones to make the decisions and also because this is our primary role.ier.

Lust kills, loneliness calms us!!

Knowing that in business isolation is inevitable, I always chose to do business in partnership. Having a good partner is essential I have been spoiled on this point in my career, and I still am.core).

Having a partner is not easy, but at least it avoids isolation ... at worst we are 2 in the voting booth.ir.

In business, it is said that there is no room for emotions ... believe me, in moments of loneliness, I have mourned my life ... and it has been good.ien.

You feel isolated on the occasion, you are not alone, we all go through these moments!s!

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