Maintenant en lecture: RIP Yelo Molo
RIP Yelo Molo

RIP Yelo Molo

Today, one of my favorite Quebec bands, Yelo Molo, decided to pull the plug. It seems likeWHAT IS IT andENERGYweren't playing his new songs enough.

It's sad and unfortunate, of course. However, the group had all the tools to make their new albums known to the public, but they did not follow the rules of the game.

I consider artists (singers, comedians, actors, painters) as entrepreneurs. They have a product to sell, their talent, and they must use the tools available to make themselves known.

One of the best examples of this, in my opinion, isArnaud Soly. During the pandemic, he entertained people on social networks thanks to his humorous genius, then he had a TV show and he will soon present his first one man show. He has 241k followers on Instagram, 183k on TikTok and 234k on Facebook. He is constant, he publishes every day, and he also comments on the statuses of other artists / comedians / influencers on social networks. In short, it creates engagement.

Yelo Molo has 8900 followers on Facebook, 510 on Instagram.

To succeed, you have to be relevant and offer people what they want by talking to them. A post that says: buy our CD over a video clip of a show, you don't need to be a social media specialist to know which will create the most engagement between the two.x.

There is nothing wrong with plugging our products once in a while, but above all it is necessary to offer engaging content that will appeal to our audience. Then, monetization will come naturally. We also have to adapt our content according to the chosen platform (long or short video, engaging text, photo, 280 characters, etc.), find your niche, experiment..

If I had waited for Sobeys and Loblaws to call me to put my products on their supermarket shelves, my business would not be where it is today.

I've been working on social media every day for 10 years. At the moment, I make 8 publications (photos, videos, direct) on Facebook per day, 2 to 3 videos on Youtube, 4 hours of live on TikTok + 2 videos, 1 to 2 publications on LinkedIn, in addition to Twitter and Instagram. Each day. Each day.

Here is my level of engagement ( reach ) on the different platforms for a period of 30 days::

-Facebook: 1.1M
-Twitter: 100k
-LinkedIn: 450k
-TikTok: 2.2M views
-Instagram: 56k
-YouTube: 12,000 hours of views, 511k reach »
-Spotify, Apple, Google Podcast: 400,000 downloads for 2 years

Needless to say, I have a lot of trouble with victimization. It is not the fault of the radios if Yelo Molo ends its story today. It's because he didn't know how to tell his story precisely…

It's like a big zero» 🎶
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