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L'achat local : au-delà de la simple tendance

Buying local: beyond the simple trend

Why buying local shouldn't be your main argument

People buy a price, quality, a story, and if all that comes together, the local product can be chosen.

The impact of the pandemic on local purchasing

In the newspaper today, there are reports of companies complaining that local purchasing has declined. I do not agree. Local purchasing for charity YES! During the pandemic, there was a shortage of everything. We were afraid of running out of things, so we stockpiled. We were creating a new environment at home, so all household products were popular, and in a surge of generosity hammered home by our governments and the new shelves in supermarkets for local merchants, we had a craze.

The ephemeral “Blue Basket”

We even launched the Blue Basket... (hum hum hum).

The consequences for local entrepreneurs

The local beer stores are closing one after the other, the shops that had opened on a temporary craze are also closing. Entrepreneurship was (paradoxically) just too easy, and everyone benefited from it. Entrepreneurship is 7 days a week solving problems big and small and celebrating small victories on occasion. It wears out even the most hardened.

The challenges of advertising and perception

I am live on the networks enough hours a day to understand that we have to change our mentality. People associate buying local with a high price. No amount of advertising will change this argument. Besides, this is the other big problem facing our businesses... believing that online advertising will keep them alive. Yes it brings sales, but at what price?

My vision of buying local

I promote my products every day, which are processed on my farm. I buy most of my ingredients (butter, eggs, flour, etc., etc.) in Quebec. I left the vanilla aside to introduce you to boreal vanilla (sweet clover), and I'm proud of it. But if I can't compete with comparables, I don't have, or I no longer have, a business. So I cut my margins and I work on volume and new products. I am not interested in purchasing locally as an incentive, I want to be chosen for quality at a reasonable price. When I succeed in this feat, your dollar spent with us amounts to 2.5 dollars for the Quebec economy.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is buying local?

Buying local refers to the act of purchasing products and services produced or supplied close to where they are consumed.

How does buying local support the economy?

It stimulates the local economy, creates jobs, and strengthens communities by keeping money in the region.

What are the benefits for consumers?

Fresh produce, reduced carbon footprint and direct support for local entrepreneurs.

Are local products more expensive?

Not necessarily. The cost can vary, but local products often offer better value.

Why are some local businesses closing?

Competitiveness, management and market changes are constant challenges for all businesses.

How can local businesses stay competitive?

By offering consistent quality, telling their unique story and adapting to market needs.

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