Maintenant en lecture: Why the name Belgian waffle?
Pourquoi le nom de gaufre belge ?

Why the name Belgian waffle?

Belgian waffles: A delight

Belgian waffles are thicker and fluffier than other types of waffles. They are baked in a specially designed waffle maker which gives them a raised texture.

The yeast

Yeast is used as a leavening agent in Belgian waffle batter, which differentiates them from the more common pancake batter-based waffles, which use baking powder or baking powder. The yeast adds also a sweet, slightly sour waffle flavor.
At, we use the Belgian waffle technique to make our waffles. In Belgian-type waffles, there is also pearl sugar, but it is not mandatory. The pearl sugar gives a crispy side to the waffle and an additional pleasure in the mouth.
For the maple waffle, we make our own granulated sugar that we incorporate into the waffle batter and, for the boreal vanilla waffle, we use pearl sugar. This literally explodes the taste of vanilla in your mouth.
Just like the word champagne which is a protected designation, “Liège waffles” is also a protected designation and cannot be used. On the other hand, we can say that they are Belgian waffles.
Have you tasted it?
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