Where has wealth creation gone?

It hit me this week. While I devote several hours a day to reading the news, I can't remember the last time we talked about wealth creation. Rather, the new trendy theme seems to be mutualization.».

As such, there is nothing negative about this word except that it has nothing to do with creating wealth, i.e. developing a new product, exporting it, and bringing money into us.ous.

How did we go from a concept of cash flow to a concept of cooperation I have nothing against cooperation, but it does not correspond to the nature of entrepreneurship.iat.

As far back as I can remember, we have always talked about wealth creation in Quebec. Besides, could it be that by dint of saying no and putting spikes in the wheels of major wealth-bearing projects we ended up pushing them away? Could it be that suddenly studies of the BAPE and MAPAQ regulations we ended up slowing down? major energy, agricultural and other projectses ?

Today, we are pooling! But pooling does not allow you to import money.t.

However, it is through the creation of wealth that the emancipation of a society passes. And not by pooling. Find me a mutualizing project that has raised money in the pockets of Quebecers lately. They are more pitfalls of public funds.blics.

There is a major gap between the two concepts, they are two completely different schools of thought. Can we separate them once and for all Where is the link to separate them ?

Why is it so bad today to talk about wealth creation We hardly ever talk about exports. It is constantly the word mutualisation that comes up, cooperation and worksite. We are going to launch a major project. It's not bad in itself, but that's not what creates wealth. It has nothing to do with entrepreneurship.eneuriat.

The message that the government must send to entrepreneurs is: GO! Go grab the opportunities. And not do it for them. The basis of entrepreneurship is not to get together to start a boy club. The concept where everyone is equal is not entrepreneurship. The business world is a lonely world, where there is healthy competition that allows the greatest ideas to see the light of day, to be exported and to bring money back to the tables of Quebecers. No need to crush our competitors, but no need to do everything together by consensus. This is not how you create wealth.richesse.

We have to go back to creating wealth, which means more exporting our products and our know-how. And exporting can also mean that a Val DOr cheese is sold outside its region, it is valid at all scales, and we must put this concept forward if we want to collectively enrich ourselves.vement.

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