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Born to a bun

It always makes me laugh when I hear people tell me I'm lucky. As if life had been easy and I had achieved my current status overnight.

I grew up in the back of a country row, surrounded by sheep, and we lived very modestly.

I was born without special talents. This may be my chance. Some are good at sports, others are good at school. Personally, I was never the best or the worst, but I had nothing in particular to make people say let's ask Francois, he's good at it.».

I was mostly born without having the envy gene. I don't have the inflatable neighbor disease. Do I want more than the others? I want some for myself. I wanted to be in business and it took a while. I didn't believe it at one point. I was not lucky..

In business we often seem like an over night success, but it might take 7 years to be successful and after 7 years of working like crazy people will tell you how lucky you were. Luck is not part of my life.vie.

Can you see my recent results on the stock market? I've been learning the method for 30 years! There is no luck in that. It’s analysis and work..

Some are born for a bun, settle for little and tell themselves I'm not lucky. I think it's more problematic to come into the world with talent since everything is easy. I haven't had anything easy. I never complain. I get up and work. Luck, I create it every day.r.

That's it on the stock market, in business and in love. At some point, people will tell you you're lucky, I couldn't do that. I started a business when my wife at the time was pregnant and we had just bought a house. The timing was not ideal.l.

So here is the recipe for success: you leave with a desire and an idea, without envying anyone, you work hard every day, and at some point people will say how lucky you are.».

I consider myself to be a hard worker and that’s what is important. When we want to take our chances, we get up, we work and we calculate everything so that the situation becomes advantageous.

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