Maintenant en lecture: My field is the jungle!
Mon domaine, c’est la jungle!

My field is the jungle!

We all have the impression that our field is the most difficult.

« Ah if you only knew, the field of transport is the jungle»
« Ah if you only knew, construction is crazy»
« Ah if you only knew, agriculture we work all the time

The only area where everything seems to be easy is that of influencers; Well, they're all over the place, they all have hats on and they give advice that they've never applied to

All kidding aside, all areas are difficult and that's okay. It is your creative spirit that will make you stand out..

Because there is always a fault with your competitors, in each of the markets. Too high prices, poor service, it's up to you.

For example, when Georges Karam and I launched Atelka in 2003, the world of call centers was very opaque. We have therefore decided to be transparent, both with our suppliers and our employees. It was one of our differentiating elements.s.

It's like a first gallant meeting, you will try to stand out from the first moments. Because the world of cruising is a real jungle..

Differentiation is maintained throughout the life cycle of a ... customer relationship;;)

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