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Ma « petite » business

My “small” business

« What do you do in life apart from having fun with your maple stuff »
« Soaps But let's see everyone does that in their kitchen, it's not a business! »
« It's a side income that you make for fun, but what do you take care of your days? »
« Cotton candy is no business!»
All phrases that I am told regularly.
« Your business is a lifestyle business»
So let me quickly tell you the story of this small business.s.
This company started almost 4 years ago for the sole purpose of selling my cans of syrup (I had 8,000) and which I did not think I would sell. It was actually supposed to last only the time to sell the rods and return to my retirement.».
Then I showed you my cotton candy machine and you wanted some. I started in the garage!
I won't go into the history of each of the products/sets we have, but today, this business is not a hobby that I do alone in my kitchen.e.
We have more than 35 direct employees around 100 indirect jobs. A 7,000 square foot warehouse, a 7,500 square foot processing plant, over 400 products, over $2.5 million invested (no subsidies!), hundreds of packages are shipped daily across Canada and the U.S. .-U. as well as in France and South Korea.
We're farming the way I think it should be done. We invite people to come into our daily life whether in person or via social networks, we cultivate and we transform on the farm.
No, it's not a lifestyle business, it's a real business. A real company that started on the corner of a table without really knowing where we were going with that. A company that takes the time to grow, a company that is part of the lives of many of you.
Many of you are looked down upon when you go into business and for several years you have to fight against prejudices. I couldn't even try to convince these people. Time will do its work and one day, they will see your products in a point of sale and they will understand.
You know that at that moment they understood that this hobby is a real business.
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