My cabin in Canada

As far back as I can remember, we hacked. I must have been 5 or 6 years old the first time I tasted hot syrup and watched the older folks get maple water.le.

Then the hut collapsed and it must have been almost 35 years between the 2 huts..

In 2009, I rebuilt another cabin to experience the spring of my cabin in Canada! »

In 2014, my brother called and I was in an evening when he was boiling. I do not answer, he reminds me a second then a third time and finally text me: The cabin is on fire!eu! »

It's spring, it's far from the way, by the time the fire truck arrives, it's pretty bumpy..

It was a long time because the truck got caught. Get out the big tractor, hook the truck up the hill. The cabin is finished!!

It's theocalypse, but the stove is saved so we can continue the sugars.s.

The next day, I call the insurance companies to understand that I had forgotten to insure the hut oops!ups!

75,000 repairs to do. I could have abdicated. I hardly ever sold syrup. It was for fun!un!

But there, the fun started to be a little expensive.

I will stop there no way!!

We continue, I make a request for a quota. The draw does not come out to me.

Stop No! The syrup smells of spring and yellow of

Then I launch the online store in December 2018 and it leaves.

Today it is a real business that is growing visibly. I sell on my site, I sell beard on Amazon, several points of sale and soon another huge contract will be announced without counting the way to the US.U..

This is entrepreneurial resilience. The path is never a straight line and it will have taken 10 years before it went from a hobby to a

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